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Clients & Partners

1. University of Nairobi Press

University of Nairobi Press [UONP] publishes fine academic and educational writings from around the world, and in particular from Kenya. As a unit within the University of Nairobi, its objective is to be a leading scholarly publisher who will insist in furthering the University's objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning and research. Starbright Services Ltd is proud to be associated with UONP.

2. Planning Department - Central Administration (University of Nairobi)

The Planning Division was established in 1977 as Planning, Public Relations and Information (PPRI) as an office under the Vice-Chancellor.  It is headed by the Registrar, Planning.  The functions of the office on its establishment was to deal with Planning, Public Relations and Information issues in the University.  However, following departmental restructuring in the late 1990s, the function of Public Relations were relocated to the office of the Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor with a Public Relations Manager as head.

To date, Planning Department of the University of Nairobi is a department whose mission is to collect data (from both external and internal sources) and analyse, produce, distribute and present this information for use in planning, decision making and policy formulation. Find out more here

3. Procurement Department (University of Nairobi)

The current Procurement Department was established in 2003 when it became mandatory that each Public Procuring entity should have a separate procurement unit. Before then some Procurement function used to be discharged by the tender office that was under Personnel while the rest was carried out by Finance Department.

At its inception the department had a skeleton staff. Currently the department has Forty Nine (49) members of staff. Procurement Department is one of the fastest growing departments of the University.
Find out more here

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